Java is one of the top-five programming languages, and is used for websites, embedded controllers, and Android app development.
Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish 10 tasks by doing just one? That’s how Java essentially differentiates itself from other programming languages. With a slogan that goes, “write once, run anywhere,” it’s no wonder Java has become arguably the most popular programming language among hardworking coders who’d rather spend lots of productive time in the corner cafe than rewrite variants of the same tedious code.
More than two decades after being launched, Java retains its superstar status among programming languages, consistently ranking at or very near the top of the most wanted IT skills. Java also continues its legacy of being in virtually any electronic device or system that has a computing element: mainframe computers, phablets, dumb phones, smart phones, e-readers, ATMs, netbooks, air traffic systems, routers, robots and credit cards.


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