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PHP is an effective scripting language that embeded gracefully into HTML and puts the tools for creating dynamic websites design in the hands of the people.
PHP is a server side scripting language which have server side capabilities. That means its processing happens in the server side by utilizing server’s resources and sends only the output to the client.
Are you looking for a rapid web development for custom website application needs. PHP development is the best for web application development and easily embedded with HTML.
We work hand in hand with many businesses to overcome daily challenges by providing them with effective programming talent resources and maintaining the highest quality at the most competitive rates.

PHP web development is mainly used now days due to following capabilities.
• Excellent support for multiple data bases like MySQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.
• Excellent support for XML, LDAP, IAMP, FTP and various internet protocols.
• Extensible via its huge powerful API.
• MVC framework support through Codeigniter, cake PHP and Zend framework.
• PHP is open source and free to use.
• Open source CMS like (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Megento, Oscommerce, Zen cart)
• Offers various security levels in different frameworks.
• PHP extension and Add on repository.
• Widely used for Rapid web design & development.

Some of the PHP Web Applications we can develop and have developed for our clients
• PHP and MySQL Web site Design and Development
• On-demand Custom PHP Web Development
• Online Customer Service Applications in PHP & MySQL
• Online Job Boards/Portal Custom PHP Software Development
• E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Web Development in PHP & MySQL
• Online Inventory Management System using PHP/MySql Application Development
• MySQL Database Driven Calendar Application Development in PHP
• Custom Webmasters Tools & Script Development


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