Payment Gateway Solution

Payment gateway is the medium of making online transactions by enabling the feature of accepting real time payments from customers within your geo-targeted area. Payment Gateway Integration needs a strong expertise for its effective operation.
A payment gateway is the service that processes transactions for you in online. When your customers are buying something from your online store they enter there card details during the checkout process. Your e-commerce site sends that card information to your payment gateway to authorize the transaction and process the payment. If the card information submitted to the payment gateway matches the information on file with the card company and the charge is approved the payment gateway will then transfer the money from your customers card into your merchant account.
Our suggestion is to use a payment gateway that offers an aggregate merchant account as part of their service.
Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration:

Imagine you are a seller but not being able to take money for your services and products, how would it feel like? Bad, and our services would not let any such thing happen to you because we-
1.Provide instant and secure payment processing
2.Ascertain accuracy
3.Offer multiple integration options
4.Provides Flexibility
5.Cost effective solution for transaction
6.Easy installation
7.Provides complete transaction history
8.Eliminates geographical barrier

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